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Bellsmyre's NEW Reactive Maintenance Contractor: P and D Scotland

Date Posted: 8th of April 2019

From Monday 8th April 2019 our reactive contractor will be P&D Scotland. P&D Scotland have vast experience in delivering this type of service to community based housing associations and are extremely keen to get started. Further information to follow in the coming months as to any other longer term amendments.

Our call out system remains the same by contacting Bield Response 24 for all multi-trade EMERGENCY out of hours calls.

Bield will handle all multi-trade out of hours EMERGENCY repairs and will be changing the Out of Hours EMERGENCY contact phone number to: 0800 783 7937

Applicable Times

• Monday – Friday 5pm – 9am
• All weekends
• All public Holiday Closures

For Central Heating or Hot Water Repairs please continue to contact Gas Sure on: 01294 468 113

What is an Emergency repair?

Emergency repairs are where work needs to be done as soon as possible to minimize any adverse effect on the health or well-being of residents, or where not carrying out the repair could cause significant damage or deterioration to the property. Some examples are provided below;

• Burst pipes
• No heating
• No water supply
• Loss or partial loss of gas supply
• Unsafe power or lighting, socket or electrical fitting
• Chocked toilet or toilet not flushing (if only one toilet in house)
• No lighting or power (please check power card supply before calling an emergency repair)
• Unsecured external door or window
• Broken windows
• Blocked or leaking foul drains or soil stacks.


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