Buying your home
Please go to the 'Other Services' pages of this website for information on Right to Buy.

If you buy your property from us, your tenancy will terminate on the date of transfer of ownership of the property to yourself. You will be notified by us of the date when this will occur and you will be due to continue to pay rent up to that date.

Please also be aware that following the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014, the Right to Buy will be withdrawn from all social rented tenants from 1st August 2016.

Joint Tenancy
A joint tenant may at any time, end his/her interest in the tenancy by giving 4 week’s notice to us and the other joint tenant.  If we believe a joint tenant has abandoned the property we will proceed to take action to terminate that tenant’s interest in the property.

Further information is provided in your Tenancy Agreement. Please our information leaflet called ‘A Guide to Joint Tenancies’

We can also obtain an Order for Repossession through the Sheriff Court to enable us to evict you from your property. Further information on the grounds under which we may take such action is contained in your Tenancy Agreement. Please also see our information leaflet called ‘A Guide to Legal Action & Eviction’.

Abandoning your home
We may also terminate your tenancy if we have reasonable grounds for believing that you have abandoned your property.  If we think a property has been abandoned we will make enquiries to be sure that the property is unoccupied and that you don’t intend to return.  We will then serve a written notice giving you 4 weeks to tell us in writing that you intend to live in the property as your main home.

If you have not done this by the end of the 4 weeks then we will serve a second notice telling you we are bringing the tenancy to an immediate end. This means we can take possession of the property without any further procedures.  We will then change the locks and an inspection carried out to ensure that the property is of a standard to be relet.  You will be charged the cost of the lock change and any repair work required which you are responsible for.  In certain circumstances we have a legal duty to store any possessions for a period of up to 6 months.  However if the storage costs come to more than the total value of the belongings we do not need to store them and we will dispose of your belongings. You will be recharged the costs of the disposal. 
Important Information
If a property has been abandoned we can recover it without going to court. You have 6 months from the termination date to raise an appeal via the Sheriff Court if we recover your tenancy using abandonment proceedings.  The fact that you abandoned the property as well as any debt you leave such as rent arrears or rechargeable repairs etc. may also affect any application you make for housing in the future.