You must return your keys to us on or before your termination of tenancy date.  If you do not, we will continue to charge you rent. We may also charge you for the cost of us replacing any locks.

You should make sure everyone who needs to know has your new address e.g. Benefits Agency, Housing Benefit/Council Tax, Bank, Rental companies etc. We will not be responsible for any post arriving at your home after you move out.

You should tell your gas and electricity suppliers that you are leaving, arrange for final meter readings and final bills to be sent to you.  If you are removing any appliances e.g. a cooker, it is essential that the supply is properly capped off by a registered tradesperson.  You should make sure your phone is disconnected so that you know your contract has ended and you cannot be charged for any more calls.

Once your tenancy has ended

When you have returned your keys to us, we will arrange for a full inspection of the property to identify any repairs needed before we can let it to a new tenant.  If we find any repairs that you are responsible for, or have to remove any of your belongings from the property or communal areas, we will charge you for this work.

Any debt you leave such as rent arrears or rechargeable repairs etc. may affect any application you make for housing in the future.

It is also important to note that for those who abandon their property this may also affect any application for housing.