A joint tenancy is when two or more people sign a tenancy agreement and jointly agree to keep to its conditions.

This is a legal agreement between you and one or more people, and us. It means that you and the other joint tenant (or tenants) are equally responsible for keeping to all the conditions of the tenancy agreement, including the payment of rent.

Who can apply for a joint tenancy?

You have the right to apply for a joint tenancy with one or more people, but they must be at least 16 years old and either live or intend to live in your house as their main home.

How to apply?

You and the proposed joint tenants must apply for a joint tenancy in writing. We will need to know details of the proposed change and when you want the arrangement to start. Please complete our Application for a Joint Tenancy Form . Our ' Guide to Joint Tenancies' provides detailed information which you may find useful.

How quickly will a decision be made?

Providing we have all the information we need, we will let you know in writing within one month of receiving your completed application form.

Will my application be refused?

We will only refuse a joint tenancy if we have reasonable grounds to do so.  The following are some of the reasons we may refuse a joint tenancy:
1.  An Anti-Social Behaviour Order is in place against you or the proposed joint tenant(s). 
2.  The proposed joint tenant was previously evicted for anti-social behaviour.
3.  You or the proposed joint tenant owe us rent.
4.  Your home would be overcrowded.
5.  Your home would be unsuitable for the joint tenant.

What if I don't agree with the decision?

If we refuse your application, you can ask the Housing Manager to review your application. If you are still not satisfied with this decision you can complain using our complaints procedure. Our refusal reason(s) and details on how to appeal will be included with our letter of refusal.


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