Are you thinking of carrying out any home improvements?

Should you wish to change, alter or renew any elements within your home, then it is important that you receive permission from the Association prior to any work commencing.  An Alterations and Improvements form can be collected from our office, or you can download one here

Listed below are some examples of where permission should be sought:

♦ Installation of satellite dish
♦ Renewing kitchen/bathroom
♦ Installation of shower
♦ Any electrical works
♦ Erection of garden shed

Permission will not be unreasonably withheld, however, we must ensure that works are completed to a high standard and that all regulations and conditions are complied with.  It should be noted that some works may require permission from other bodies, e.g. Planning/Building Control.

You should also be aware that you may be asked to remove non-standard items when you terminate your tenancy.

If you require clarification on any of the above or require further information, please contact our Maintenance staff.