Response Times and Repairs Categories
(Non-Gas Responsive Repairs)

Part of being able to provide a first class repairs service is being able to respond quickly when a repair is reported.  The Association is, therefore, committed to achieving the following response times in at least 95% of all lines raised:




4 Hours


3 Working Days


10 Working Days

Right to Repair 

As per the legislation


As individually agreed


Emergency Repairs are repairs that may pose a threat to a building/property or the health/well-being of its occupants if not attended to as soon as possible.   When an emergency repair arises out of normal office hours, tenants have access to a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year service.  Details of the numbers to call are provided at “emergency numbers” on the website Emergency-Out-Of-Hours-Repairs-Numbers, in the tenant’s handbook, in our newsletters, in the office reception and on the Association’s telephone answering machine. 

Right to Repair gives tenants the right to have certain repairs carried out within a set timescale or 1, 3 or 7 days.   Right to Repair Section on the website refers.

Urgent Repairs are repairs that do not necessarily pose a threat to the building/property or health/well-being of its occupants, but that the Association would like to carry out within three days to reduce any inconvenience caused.

Routine Repairs are those that are the Association’s responsibility, but do not fall in the emergency or urgent categories.  If a repair classed as routine becomes urgent/emergency whilst waiting to be carried out, tenants should notify the Association in order that the repair is re-classified and the work completed within the revised response time. 

Please contact our Maintenance staff should you require further clarification on any aspect of the Association’s response times and/or repair categories.