The Government has introduced a number of Welfare Reforms. Find out how these reforms may affect you by reading the resources below.

Welfare Reform: How Does it Affect You?

Universal Credit

Universal credit is not yet in place in the West Dunbartonshire area, however it is expected to be introduced in the near future. Universal Credit will replace several benefits, including Housing Benefit, and will be paid as one single monthly benefit payment. This means that, when it is introduced, Housing Benefit will no longer be paid directly from the council to your rent account and you will have to make the rent payments yourself.

Click on this link to find out information on Universal Credit from the

Bedroom Tax

The Bedroom Tax was introduced by the Government on 1st April 2013. If you have one spare bedroom your housing benefit is cut by 14% and if you have two or more spare bedrooms it is cut by 25%. You are required to make up the shortfall between your housing benefit and rent charge. If you are affected by the bedroom tax you may be able to apply for a discretionary housing payment from West Dunbartonshire Council. Please contact this office if you wish to apply.

Govan Law Centre has produced a Bedroom Tax Toolkit which includes details of how you can dispute West Dunbartonshire Council's decision to cut your housing benefit where appropriate. The toolkit can be found