The following gives you information if you wish to:

1.  Change your household details.

2.  Apply for a joint tenancy.

3.  Apply for a succession.

4.  Assign your tenancy (pass on to someone else)

5.  Sub-let your tenancy.

6.  Take in a lodger.


You must keep us up to date with who is living in your home. This is a condition of your tenancy agreement with us.  Please tell us in writing as soon as there is any change in those who are living with you in your home.


Important Changes to Your Rights as a Tenant: The Housing Scotland Act 2014

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 introduces important changes to the rights of all social housing tenants which come into effect in 2019. 

We wrote to all our tenants about the changes to your tenancy in October 2018.  We've put a summary of the changes and how these effect your tenancy below.

It will be important to let us know about changes to who lives in your home as it may affect your right to make changes to your tenancy agreement. Please update your details by emailing or calling 01389 765179.

Short Scottish Secure Tenancy - If you have a SSST the changes detailed for ending the tenancy by Court Order, Recovering Adapted Properties, Subletting, Assignation and Joint Tenancies also apply.

For more information or advice on any of the above matters, please do not hesitate to contact your Housing Officer.