Your Tenancy Agreement Conditions

Your tenancy agreement details your rights and responsibilities as a tenant of Bellsmyre Housing Association.

When you become a tenant you will have signed a tenancy agreement at your sign up interview and you therefore become legally bound by the terms and conditions contained in it. You have a copy of the tenancy agreement which was explained to you when you signed up. Keep it in a safe place as it is an important legal document. If you do lose it contact your Housing Officer and he/she will send you another copy.

You were also provided with a Tenants' Handbook which covers both your responsibilities and also our responsibilities as a landlord towards you, our tenant.

We also provided a copy of our summary tenancy agreement when we made a formal offer of housing. This is to ensure that you had the opportunity to be aware of your main rights and responsibilities before you signed for a tenancy with us.

Your Responsibilities as a Tenant

The following are a few simple rules you should follow during your tenancy with us. You should however always consult your tenancy agreement for full details of your responsibilities. Please do not hesitate to contact your Housing Officer if you need further clarification and/or advice.

You must:

1.  Occupy your home and ensure it is adequately heated and ventilated.

2.  Take your turn at cleaning the stairs, landings and common areas.

3.  Put your rubbish in the bins provided and contact the council to have bulk items removed,

4.  Not leave rubbish or other items to clutter up or block stairs or landings as this is a fire hazard.

5.  Keep any pets under control at all times. You should also obtain our permission in advance before you keep certain pets. Please consult your tenancy agreement or ask your Housing Officer for information/ advice. 

6.  Not disturb others by loud and persistent noise. Late night use of or noise from TVs, hi-fis, games consoles and household appliances such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners may be heard by your neighbours and can cause disturbance. 

7.  Be responsible for the behaviour of household members and any visitors to your home. Keep an eye on your children and don't let them be a nuisance to neighbours. Ensure visitors to your home enter and leave quietly especially late at night. 

8.  Ensure that no damage occurs to your home by you, other persons living with you or anyone visiting you.

9.  Report any repairs to us in order that they can be fixed as quickly as possible. The repairs that we are responsible for are listed in your tenancy agreement and Tenants Handbook.

10.  Ensure that you provide access to your home for the annual gas check. Failure to do so could lead to a danger for yourself and other neighbours.

11.  Report any acts of vandalism or anti-social behaviour to your Housing Officer and the Police.

House Contents Insurance

We would encourage all tenants to have sufficient Home Contents Insurance to protect your belongings/contents, such as your clothes, carpets, furniture, television, toys etc. from fire, flood, theft etc.  A lot of people believe it will never happen to them. It is an alarming thought, but unfortunately these things do happen.

Dealing with the damage can cost a lot of money.  We are responsible for the building insurance which would cover rebuilding of the property or any 'structural repair work'.  You, however, are responsible for taking out your own home contents insurance. This will protect all your personal belongings in your home.  You would need to pay for these yourself if you do not have proper insurance cover.

There are many home contents insurance policies available and it is worth shopping around.  One basic, low cost contents insurance policy you may wish to consider is the Thistle Tenants Risks.