Who can apply for housing?

Anyone 16 years and over can apply for housing unless they are subject to immigration control. You can apply on your own, jointly with a partner or jointly with anyone else who will be living with you.


What If I Am Homeless? Homelessness, Roofless or the Need for Emergency Accommodation

Homeless people can make an application for housing to the Association, however, the Association do not have emergency accommodation or properties immediately available for let. If you are roofless you should present yourself to the Local Authority housing team in order to seek emergency accommodation. The council has a legal obligation to assess anyone presenting themselves as homeless and, where the council is satisfied that the person is statutorily homeless, the applicant if they particularly wish to be housed by Bellsmyre, can be referred to the Association who is required to make a suitable offer if we have suitable accommodation available.

If you wish to attend an interview with the West Dunbartonshire Council, Homeless Persons Team we can arrange this for you or you can telephone:

West Dunbartonshire Council

Dumbarton Area Housing Office

Telephone Number:  01389 737 000


An applicant will be considered to be threatened with homelessness if they do not have a secure tenancy and their current landlord has issued a Notice to Quit, they are living with friends or family and have been asked to move out, or where they own their present home and the lender has confirmed their intention to bring repossession action owing to inability to pay the mortgage.


Your Application

Applicants Responsibilities

Applicants are required to provide full and accurate information at all times; provide identification and verification documents as required; to advise us if their housing and personal circumstances change; and to respond to our annual housing list review communications and any other such communication required.


Completing an Application Form

Application forms can be posted out, collected from the office or downloaded and printed off from our website.  They can be requested in person, by telephone, by letter/email.

Should you require help, information or advice on how to complete your application, or receive information regarding your prospects of being housed by the Association then please let us know. Staff will be available to provide assistance with completing your application form if you ask for help. We can offer advice on your housing options with Bellsmyre or other neighbouring landlords and provide information on other agencies which may be able to help you with your current housing situation.

In order to assess an application properly, it is important for us to have accurate and up to date information on your circumstances. You must keep your application up to date by notifying us of any change as soon as it occurs. You can call us, email or write to us to tell us about the change.  If someone joins your household or leaves it, or you move home, you need to tell us about this change.  Where your application is placed on the housing list and the points you get (if any) may change if there is a change of circumstances.

Proving your Identity

You will need to provide us with proof of your identity in the name you have applied in. We will accept your birth certificate, passport or National Insurance card. We also need two forms of proof showing your current address as your permanent and principal home. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • official letters/bills/statements from a local authority, public agency or private utility (gas, electric, telephone), government department, private sector lease, bank or building society;
  • current photographic driving licence;
  • national health card.

Assessing your application

We aim to complete our assessment of your application within 5 working days of receiving it as long as you’ve provided all the information we need. If required, we may request additional information from you to assess your application. If you don’t give us all the information we need, this may delay your application and we are unable to confirm any offer of housing without the required proof of identity and address.

All application forms will be assessed (or “pointed”) in line with a needs-based points system and placed on the appropriate list. We will write to all applicants explaining the number of points awarded and details of their housing prospects based on the assessed level of need.

Applicants should be aware that if you apply for housing this does not mean we will definitely offer you housing. More people apply for housing than the number of homes we have available to let at any one time.


Factors we take into account when assessing your application

Factors that are not taken into consideration when applying for housing

Factors that are taken into consideration when applying for housing

Whether you live in Bellsmyre HA area of operation and how long you have lived there


You owe a landlord more than 1/12th of the annual rent, and you have not agreed to repay what you owe and haven’t made at least three monthly payments towards the money you owe when you said you would pay

Any debts that are not related to your current or former tenancy (council or registered social landlord tenancies)

You  need to get support from, or give support to, a family member or carer to help you or a member of your family or carer to live independently

 Any debts you have already repaid

You have a social or medical reason to move to, or remain in the Bellsmyre HA area of operation

Debts related to your tenancy if they are less than 1/12th of the yearly amount of rent you pay; or you have already arranged a repayment plan and have kept it for at least three months and you are still keeping to it

Whether you or anyone that will live with you owns any property.

You and / or your family’s income (including any benefits you receive)

You are being harassed or abused where you live.

Your age, as long as you’re over 16, and the home you want has not been designed or adapted as older persons housing You are a homeowner, or persons proposed to reside with you are

 If you are legally separated or divorced


Who you live with at the time you apply for housing



Making Enquiries and Seeking References

We make enquiries about your application when we receive it but the enquiry we make will depend on where you’re living at the time you apply and where you’ve lived for the three years before you applied. 

We will ask your previous landlords for a reference if you’ve been a tenant at any time in the past three years to find out if:

  • you owe any money,
  • you have acted in an anti-social manner; and
  • your landlord has taken any formal action against you to end your tenancy.

We may suspend your application if we receive an unsatisfactory reference, for more details on suspending your application click here.

If you refuse us permission to get references we won’t make you an offer of housing until we receive a satisfactory reference, but your application will not be suspended.

If you deliberately provide false or misleading information you will be suspended from our housing list. Any offers of housing that have been made will be withdrawn. If a tenancy is granted on the basis of false information, the Association may take action to end the tenancy.

Home Visits

House visits will generally be carried out to verify current circumstances.  If the applicant lives out with the West Dunbartonshire area, the Association may contact other local registered landlords to complete a house visit on the Association’s behalf. The home visit is to ensure we understand all your needs and we can match you to the most suitable home.

How Long Will I Have To Wait For An Offer?

Unfortunately we are not able to tell you how long you will have to wait for an offer of housing. This depends on:

1. The type of property you have asked for.

                           *We get more flats becoming available than houses*

2. The number of properties we have available to let.

3. Your housing need / points total i.e. your position on the housing list. This can change frequently as new applicants, perhaps with more points than you, are placed on the housing list.

If you would like to read our full Allocations Policy you can do so by clicking here