Who Can Apply?

We will accept applications from anyone aged 16 or over.  This, however, does not guarantee that you will be offered housing with us as for some of our property types and streets there are usually more people on our waiting list than we have properties to let.

Can I Apply for Any Property/Street?

Yes, you can choose which type of property or street you would like to live in. However wheelchair adapted properties will be allocated to applicants whose medical condition or disability would benefit from this type of accommodation. Also, please be aware that the higher the demand for a property type e.g. house or a particular street, the longer you will have to wait before you will be offered suitable housing.

How Do I Apply For A Property?

To apply for housing with us, you must first complete our application form (found at the bottom of this page) Housing_Application_Form and return it to our offices.   Please read our Information Guide for Housing Applicants as well as our booklet on our Housing Stock to help you complete your application form and decide where you would like to be housed.  If you need any help please let us know and a member of our Housing Management Section will assist you.

When we receive the application form we will send out an acknowledgement card within one day, then the form will be passed to the Housing Management Section for processing and pointing.

Your form will be checked for errors and if any information is missing we will contact you to advise you what information we need, and if your application can be processed without this information.

Once we have all the information we require, the application will be pointed in accordance with our Allocations Policy and Allocations Points System. The application is then checked by a second member of staff and confirmation sent to you of the streets and property types you wish to be considered for, your total points and the breakdown of the points awarded.  We aim to process applications we receive within 5 working days of receipt at our Office.  

What Happens Now?

You are now on the waiting list for the streets, property type and property size you have requested. The Housing Officer will select the applicant in the greatest housing need for the available void properties and contact you if you are the successful applicant.   A provisional offer letter is sent advising the rent charge per month with our minimum lettable standards, giving you two days to respond and arrange a viewing. A viewing is arranged with you and any questions you have will be answered by our staff.

We will also carry out a home visit to your current accommodation to check that we have pointed your application correctly according to your circumstances, to discuss your tenancy obligations with you and also to answer any questions you may have.

If everything is in order we will issue a formal offer to you which includes our summary tenancy agreement, to ensure that you are fully aware of your main rights and responsibilities before you decide to accept the property or not. If you are then happy to proceed we will arrange a sign up of the property as soon as any repairs required are completed, and the electrics and gas have been checked by our contractors.

Medical & Special Requirements 

If you, or a member of your household who is moving with you, has a medical condition that is deteriorating due to your current housing conditions then please complete a Medical Assessment Form. These are provided on request.  Your Housing Officer may visit you at your home to assess your medical needs to ensure the correct points are awarded for your needs.

Transfer Applications

Current tenants who wish to apply for housing complete the same application form as applicants who are not current tenants.  We allocate a percentage of our re-lets to current tenants every year.

How Long Will I Have To Wait For An Offer?

Unfortunately we are not able to tell you how long you will have to wait for an offer of housing. This depends on:

1. The type of property you have asked for. We get more flats becoming available than houses.

2. The number of properties we have available to let.

3. Your housing need / points total i.e. your position on the waiting list. This can change frequently as new applicants, perhaps with more points than you, are placed on the waiting list.

What Other Help Can I Get From You?

You can contact us at any time during office hours to discuss your housing application or other housing options that may be available to you depending on your individual circumstances. We will do our best to assist you or provide information on where you can receive further advice.

What If My Circumstances Change?

If your circumstances change and/or you move address you must let our Housing Management Section know immediately by contacting our office. Or you can download a change of address or change in circumstances form and send it to us.  We will review your application at least once a year to ensure that the information we have is correct and that you are still interested in housing with us.


Mutual Exchange

Tenants can apply to exchange properties with other tenants of our Association, or tenants from a different housing provider.  We are part of the homeswapper website that allows tenants to register their interest in swapping homes and give some details about where they live, and where they would like to move to. It is a FREE to register service and has replaced the mutual exchange lists once held in our office.

What If I Am Homeless?

We will accept your application form but will also discuss your circumstances with West Dunbartonshire Council's Homeless Section as they have a legal duty to help homeless people - firstly by interviewing you and assessing your housing situation and, secondly, by offering you temporary or permanent accommodation - provided your circumstances warrant it.  The West Dunbartonshire Homeless Information Guide provides an overview of what to do and who to contact if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness. It briefly explains the homeless criteria and assessment process. The leaflet outlines West Dunbartonshire Councils legal duties and provides other information for other agencies, which may be able to provide information and advice on homelessness.


We aim to operate our allocations system in a consistent and fair way. If, however, you are not happy with the way your application has been pointed or dealt with you can ask the Housing Manager to review your application. If you are still not satisfied with this decision you can complain using our complaints procedures.