What is the Scottish Social Housing Charter?

The Charter was developed in consultation with the Scottish Housing Regulator, tenants, representative bodies, homeless people, other stakeholders and social landlords.

It was introduced in April 2012 and it requires Registered Social Landlords to demonstrate how they perform against a number of outcomes. It is a new way of measuring how social landlords are performing and how they are meeting the needs of their customers.

Performance Information available from the Scottish Housing Regulator

Annual Return of the Charter (ARC)

All social landlords must report their results every May to the Scottish Housing Regulator. The Scottish Housing Regulator will then produce an annual report, known as a Landlord Report, so you can see how we compare against other landlords. Our Landlord Report is available to download below and is also currently on the Regulator’s Website www.scottishhousingregulator.gov.uk

You can read standardised performance reports about each of Scotland’s social landlords on the Regulator’s website.

There is also an online tool which can be used to compare one landlord’s performance against a national average and also against other landlords. The Regulator has also made available all the charter data submitted by all Scottish social landlords.

Charter Outcomes

The Charter has 5 main headings / sections applicable to Bellsmyre Housing Association. Each section describes what you should expect us to achieve.

These achievements are called outcomes and there are 16 outcomes in total, 14 of which apply to us (outcomes 12 and 16, which relate to homelessness and the management of sites for gypsies/travellers do not apply).

Charter Heading

Related Outcomes

The Customer / Landlord Relationship

Outcome numbers 1, 2 & 3

· Equalities

· Communication

· Participation 

Housing Quality and Maintenance

Outcome Numbers 4 & 5

· Quality of Housing

· Repairs, maintenance  and improvements 

Neighbourhood and Community

Outcome Number 6

· Estate management; anti-social behaviour, neighbour nuisance and tenancy disputes 

Access to Housing and Support

Outcome Numbers 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

· Housing Options

· Access to social housing

· Tenancy sustainment 

Getting Good Value from Rents and Service Charges

Outcome Numbers 13, 14 & 15

· Value for money

· Rents and Service Charges

Please see our Charter Report which includes our progress towards the Scottish Social Housing Charter, a copy is available to download below. This report where possible shows trends in operational performance over a number of years and also comparisons with national statistics collected by the Scottish Housing Regulator. We have also included below a copy of our Annual Report.


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