Compliment, Suggestions & Complaint Handling Procedure

To download our Group Complaints Policy and Procedure here.

To download our Complaints Procedure leaflet here.

(Please note the address for Housing and Property Chamber has now changed to First-Tier Tribunal for Scotland, Glasgow Tribunals Centre, 20 York Street, Glasgow, G2 8GT)

You can also contact us using our online contact form here.

We are committed to providing quality services that meet the individual needs of all our tenants – and we set high standards to try and make sure we achieve this. We also know our tenants and other customers have similarly high expectations of us.

We know there can be occasions where we fall short of our standards or do not fully meet these expectations. We have a detailed Complaints Handling Procedure that is designed to help us resolve any customer dissatisfaction quickly and as close to the point of service delivery as possible. It is based on a two stage approach.


Complaints Handling Procedure: The 2-Stage Process
Stage 1 Stage 2
•Straightforward complaints are handled quickly at this stage.
•Stage 1 complaints should take no longer than 5 working days to resolve.
•We would hope, for example, to be able to resolve many Stage 1 complaints by offering an ‘on the spot’ apology or explanation of why an issue occurred and what we will do to stop it happening again.
•Complaints not resolved at stage 1
•Complaints at this stage are more complicated or need further investigation than Stage 1.
•20 working day target applies to Stage 2 complaints. In practice, we will always aim to take less time than this.

You can make a complaint by phone, letter, email, or through speaking to a member of staff in person. Alternatively, complete our complaints form or contact us through our website here. We have a leaflet that explains our Complaints Handling Procedure.  Ask us for a copy or download it from our website.

Significant Performance Failures

A significant performance failure is something that we do, or fails to do, that puts the interests of our tenants at risk. This is something that does, or could, affect all of our tenants. If we do not deal with the failure, you can contact the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR). Read their Significant Performance Failure Factsheet which provides more information on what you should do and how to raise your concerns with the SHR.

To download a copy of the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Annual Report 2015-16 click here.

Anyone who remains dissatisfied at the end of our complaints process can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) to investigate the matter.

The SPSO's contact details are:
•Freephone: 0800 377 7330
•Online contact
•Mobile site:
•SPSO,BridgesideHouse, 99McDonald Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4NS
•SPSO, Freepost EH641, Edinburgh, EH3 0BR.

Anyone receiving care services from us can either complain direct to the Care Inspectorate or to us. The Care Inspectorate’s contact details are:
•The Care Inspectorate, Compass House, 11 Riverside Drive, Dundee DD1 4NY
•On line form:
•Phone: 0845 600 9527
•Fax: 01382 207289

Complaints about factoring

The SPSO does not normally look at complaints about our factoring service. The Scottish Government has created a new body who have taken over the functions of the Homeowners Housing Panel. Any owner who is dissatisfied about our factoring service or a common repair provided by the Association can refer the matter to this independent tribunal.

The Association must first have been given the opportunity to resolve the complaint and the matter followed our two stage complaints procedure with a formal and final response issued to the owner.

With effect from 1st December 2016, any owner who remains dissatisfied with the outcome of their complaint can ask for their complaint to be reviewed by the new Tribunal by contacting:

First-tier Tribunal for Scotland Housing and Property Chamber
Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service
4th Floor
1 Atlantic Quay
45 Robertson Street
G2 8JB

Telephone: 0141 302 5900


Comments, Suggestions and other Feedback

We welcome all other feedback – and use comments and suggestions to help us improve.

You can share your views with us in many ways. Send us an email or letter; speak to a member of staff or call our Customer Services Team. You can also contact us through our website form or social media.