Our Management Committee is made up of dedicated residents of Bellsmyre and other interested parties who freely give up their own time to help make Bellsmyre a better place to stay.

The Management Committee members are elected each year at our Annual General Meeting by and from the members of the Association. We have a Code of Conduct for Committee members which details the expected standards to which our Committee members must work. All Committee members also receive training about their role as committee members and the responsibilities this involves.

We are always keen to attract new members onto the Management Committee so please read the following information and contact Barry Johnstone, Area Director, if you are interested in becoming an active Committee member.

Membership of the Association

Any resident of Bellsmyre can become a member of the Association as long as they are 16 or over. Life membership costs £1 and you will remain a member as long as you reside within Bellsmyre.

Membership gives you a real voice in how the Association is run. It means you can vote at the Annual General Meeting for the Management Committee of your choice. You are also able to stand for election to the Management Committee. Only Association members can be elected onto the Management Committee.

By being a member you can influence how the Association operates and play a major part in making decisions on how to continue the regeneration of the houses and the area. If you are elected onto the Management Committee you will be able to sit on the various Committees and working groups which have an input into the running of the Association.

If you wish to become a member please contact us for information on how to join or download our membership application form and return it to the office with the £1.00 membership fee.

Your Management Committee:

Louise Spence – Chairperson

Diane Williamson - Vice Chair

Louise McKee

Gregor Colville

Debbie Niven

Robert Pollock

John Jenkins

Tracy Malley

Alex McDougall