Bellsmyre Housing Association was founded in September 1992 with an initial housing stock of 150 properties following a stock transfer from Scottish Homes. We now own approximately 600 properties within the Bellsmyre area of Dumbarton. We also provide a management/factoring service for over 480 owner-occupiers in Bellsmyre.

The Association is controlled by a voluntary management committee which is elected by and from the members of the Association. The Management Committee takes strategic, policy and major finance decisions affecting the Association. The implementation of the policies and decisions is delegated to professional staff who are employed to advise the Committee and carry out the day to day running of the work of the Association on its behalf.

Bellsmyre Housing Association staff and Management Committee hope our residents enjoy their homes as much as possible and it is our aim to provide the best service possible.

Where is Bellsmyre?

Bellsmyre is located some 1.5 miles to the north of Dumbarton town centre. Dumbarton is situated on the banks of the River Clyde although the River Leven which drains from Loch Lomond runs through the town itself. The town is dominated by Dumbarton Rock which has long been recognised for its strategic importance due to the commanding views that it affords of the River Clyde over to Agyllshire, Loch Lomond and the mountains beyond.

Bellsmyre is bounded by the A82 to the south and ’the Crags’, a rocky part of the Old Kilpatrick hills, to the north. The western part is bounded by farmland, and to the east, Garshake and High Overtoun.

The area itself is hilly and although as a result many of our properties have fantastic views, Bellsmyre as such may not be entirely suitable for people with mobility problems.